Karen Safer’s Trip Across the U.S.A. 1962
Took first driving trip (with mom and dad) to Minnesota in blue Corvair in 1962 to see Uncle Louie and Carol. Had a great time there. Went to the county  fair, saw “West Side Story” and met a girl named Theresa.
Had dinner at friend of Uncle Lou’s on Mississippi River.
Don’t remember much of the trip, except I had fun.
Drove through Grand Canyon area on way to Minnesota.
[Dad sold this same Corvair @ 1967-68 (or gave it away?) I wonder if it was because he heard the consumer reports about how they weren’t suppose to be good cars, I’ll never know. All I remember is that one day  “my” car was gone - I was so sad because I really loved the color (blue-green - very rich color, I never saw another quite that color) of that car and loved driving it - especially on lawns with Jeff and Francis, or sitting in it to tell spooky stores late at night. It was my favorite car - and the color lingers in my memory forever.]